Services Fort Smith Dentistry

Richard Staton, DDS and his team are dedicated to providing you the best in Fort Smith dentistry.

We offer the following Fort Smith dentistry services:

  • preventive care – exams, x-rays, diagnodent, prophylaxis (cleanings)
  • periodontal  – gum disease
  • restorative  – implants, dentures, partials
  • cosmetic procedures – veneers, whitening
  • occlusal rehabilitation for TMJ and TMD
  • sedation dentistry
  • emergency care

We use the most advanced dental care technology including:

  • digital radiography (x-rays),
  • digital occlusal analysis (T-Scan),
  • diagnodent (a laser to detect decay)
  • L.A.N.A.P.- laser assisted new attachment procedure, the most advanced laser treatment for periodontal disease

Occlusal procedures are one of the most demanding tasks facing a dentist and should not be undertaken without great care and consideration. We help you make a careful decision balanced by the potential risks and benefits. Then treatment decisions and planning can be undertaken with good information and understanding.

LANAP is the leading edge of treatment for gum disease. It uses lasers to precisely address periodontitis (gum disease) through regeneration rather than resection. The laser energy is very selective for diseased tissue, meaning the underlying connective tissue is spared, thereby permitting healing and regeneration. We use L.A.N.A.P. due to it’s consistent ability to reduce pocket depth and improve bone density. Most patients experience new root coating (cementum) and new connective tissue formation on tooth roots.

As you can see, Dr. Staton offers many advanced procedures and technologies. But our technology is secondary to how we treat and serve you. We make sure that your choices fit your particular needs. Great dental care comes from caring about you, your situation and how we can best serve you, not simply recommending the latest high tech procedure.

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